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Created On5/9/2008
How to reduce spam email
Oochie hosting has in place a number of anti-spam that you can take advantage of. A number of these tools are not on by default. If you are experiencing a high volume of spam the following steps will help you reduce the amount. It is not possible to eliminate 100% of spam, but you can greatly reduce the amount.

NOTE - the more filtering you enable the higher your risk of filtering valid email. This is important to know when determining the amount of filtering you want enabled.

To enable spam filtering options:
  1. Login into your webmail at
  2. Go to Settings, My Spam Filtering
  3. Under the Options tab, select "Override spam settings for this account"
  4. Select the Actions tab
  5. Select the actions you wish to take on email that meets the 3 different level of spam probability
    • We recommend you select "Move to Junk E-Mail folder"
    • This will create a Junk E-Mail folder in your webmail account where you can access any email that has been incorrectly filtered by the spam filters.
  6. IMPORTANT - Select Save in the upper-left portion of this options screen
Greylisting is a new weapon to use against spam in this great war being waged upon it. With this new shielding method, you may block out huge amounts of spam. You are sure to reduce the amount of spam by enabling this on your site.

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