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Created On5/2/2008
Parent Paths
ASP users can enable or disbale the use of Parent Paths when calling "include" files. Many times, enabling parent paths will fix older ASP applications. Be default they are disabled in IIS/ASP since that Microsoft felt that it may be a small security risk to enable them by default. However, it is pretty normal to have them enabled.

For example this could be used: "...\includes\my_file.asp"
Instead of having to type: "d:\virtualhosts\\includes\myfile.asp"

Note, that this applies to website code and not what you see in a browser.

To Enable of Disable Parent Paths:
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Click Domains and Select a domain.
  3. Click Advanced Domain Options
  4. Click Parent Paths
  5. Use the drop down box to Enable or Disable
  6. Click Save