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Created On5/2/2008
Email Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble with you email, we suggest trying the troubleshooting methods below. Many times there is a simple misconfiguration that may cause some issues. If our primary mail server was down you would have been well informed. In fact, you should never see any downtime aside from an occasion reboot for maintenance.

General Issues:
  1. Recheck the email account setup per our email settings.
  2. Check accidental misspellings.
  3. Reset your account in your email client.
  4. Are you able to get to "" in a browser?
  5. Try logging into web mail (see above) as well and send mail.
  6. Try checking our other Knowledge Base Articles regarding email.
DNS Resolution Issues:
  1. Close all browser windows.
  2. Start >> Run >> Type: CMD >> Ok
  3. Type: ipconfig /flushdns >> Enter
  4. Type: Up arrow >> Enter (Repeat a few times).
  5. Open browser and surf to:
Telnet Test:
  1. Close all browser windows and disable AV if necessary.
  2. Start >> Run >> Type: CMD >> Ok
  3. Type: telnet 25
  4. Should Read: 220 If not, you cannot connect to the correct Port from your PC or ISP. Check AV settings or ISP.
  5. X Out of Window.
Anti-Virus Issues:
  1. Disable Anti-Virus software temporarily.
  2. Check email using your email client.
  3. Test using Telnet option above.
ISP Issues:
  1. Check directly with your ISP to see if you can send mail using Port 25 (SMTP). Some ISP's require that you send mail through their servers. Here are a few ISPs that require you to send mail through their servers:
    • SBC Global
    • EarthLink
    • Cox