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Created On5/2/2008
How to Add, Edit or Delete an Email address (POP3 / IMAP)?
To add, edit or delete an email account, you will need to login to your Control Panel using the information provided to you in your Welcome Email. If you no longer have the login information, please send an email to requesting a copy of your Welcome Email.

Once you have logged into your Control Panel please go to:

Domains >> (Click on your domain) >> Domain Main Menu

There are three types of email accounts:

1) POP3: This type of email account is a normal email account that you can use to store, send and receive email. IMAP users, even though this feature is noted as POP3 you would use this to add a IMAP account as well. Simply setup the account as IMAP in your email client.

2) Email Forward (aka Alias Email): This type of email account allows to to create an email account that forwards to another email account. e.g. "" would forward to ""

3) Multi-Receipient Email (MRA): MRA email addresses are just like Email Forwarding addresses in that they forward to another email account. The only difference, is that you can specify one or more email addresses in which to forward the message. e.g. "" would forward to "" AND ""

The procedure for creating a new POP3, Forward or MRA is the same. Start by clicking on the icon for the particular type of email account you want.
  • To add a new email account select Add New.

  • To edit or delete an email account click on the appropriate email account from the list. When you have completed your changes, be sure to click on Save or Update.
Please Note: Email account names should be unique. e.g. If you have a POP3 account called "" you would not be able to add a Email Forward or MRA email address with the same name.